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Who Are We?

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 Years of  Caring and Sharing

   We are a group of qualified and experienced professionals with extensive experience and training in human and social services; advocacy services; in-home personal care; supervision and protective oversight; and support to those who need personalized attention, seniors and elderly, and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We have only two fundamental goals of operation: One is to assist our people with realizing more meaningful experiences through access and opportunities.  

And the second is to provide quality and respectable guidance and supervision that encourage our clients to strive and thrive in all environments.

  Our team of professionals hold degrees and or professional licenses as certified nursing assistance, nursing, professional education, special education, social work or a qualifying social and human service field. Together we have more than 50 years of experience in Human and Social Services to share.

How We Prepare

Vetting Process

We conduct background checks, reference checks, drug screening, and employment verification on all applicants. 



Secure in knowing people are trained and prepared to work with you and your family member. We provide technology and direct instructions with hands-on training.

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