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Our mission is to provide the highest  quality assistance and support services that promotes independence and 



Our goal is provide quality of care with the least restrictions while assisting with maintaining the quality of life of those we serve by providing access and new opportunities.

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2603 Artie St. SW

Huntsville, AL 358065

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We aren't just someone to lean on...

Our Customers Thoughts:

Very Patient

& Attentive

"The caregivers were

very patient & attentive

throughout the whole 

process.Especially for

a first time customer!"


Someone I Would 



proved they are

someone I can trust.

They are someone I

would recommend!"


    They     Understood My Needs... 

"The staff was

professional and 

polite.They understood

my needs and exceeded

my expectations."


A Life Saver...

"Without the help

& assistance

from Anointed I really

would've been stretched

for time. The

services provided were

a life saver!"


We're someone who understands and

genuinely cares for your best interest...



Family Connection

Get assistance and support from our team, allowing you more time to connect with your loved one. We are prepared to come to you.  Our team of caring professionals can ease the burden of everyday tasks all in the comfort of your loved one's home.


Personal Care Services

Our team of professionals can assist with the personal care of your loved one such as:


medication reminders 

light housekeeping
laundry and ironing

meal plan and prep

and much more.  


Senior Supports

Part of our goal is to assist with safe and practical activities while remaining in the home.  We achieve this by being an extension of our clients and doing many of those things they want and need done as they continue to enjoy the comforts of their home.

Also, feel free to ask us about our extended list of additional services we offer. If you have a specific request, please do not hesitate to call or email us today!


What We Offer

-Experienced individualized senior care.

-Protect from suspicious telemarketers and service providers.

-Decrease vulnerability by having the presence of someone else.

-Genuine care givers who understand and relate to clients' needs.

-Monitoring of communication services (i.e. email, post mail, phone calls, etc.)

-Home visits and deliveries.

-Assistance with physical labor and hard to reach areas.

-Personal assistant with daily tasks and to-do lists.

-House cleaning and seasonal decorating.

-Scheduled social outings and community walks.

-Security over your loved ones.

Ask Us For Additional Details If You Have A Specific Request.

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